Franchising – Why Choose Marcellina


Marcellina's first restaurant on Hindley street.

For people seeking success through self-employment, the Marcellina franchise will become an excellent vehicle. Every member of our team (including franchisees and franchisor support team) is committed to making success through self-employment happen at Marcellina.

The value of a Marcellina franchise grows as you grow, utilising the collective market knowledge, experience, skills and purchasing power of the franchise system, taking advantage of every commercial opportunity and introducing new concepts to broaden the market base.

Success will come through all the personal factors that contribute to success in self-employment, combined with your ability to work in a franchise partnership. Attention to performance standards, to business planning and development, to effective implementation of our marketing programs, and to learning and sharing of ideas will enhance the franchise partnership and the scale of your success. The rewards are commensurate with your input.

The team has an honest approach, a good team spirit, open communication and access to all levels of management. As with all businesses, there are many variables that must blend efficiently to ensure success.

We have a great system, and we have competitors and they will always be there. All that we can expect is our share of the market, which is increasing, and which we will work hard to grow each year.