Marcellina Glenunga hosts cooking classes on the last  Saturday of every month

Marcellina Cooking Academy

While bespoke academy events will continue at other locations, the regular Marcellina Cooking Academy classes will be based at the Glenunga store.

The regular classes are designed to be entertaining, enjoyable and enlightening. It should inform and empower people to be able to make excellent quality authentic pizza to a traditional recipe and have fun in the process.

All academy initiatives are built on a strong tradition of authenticity and hospitality that enriches people’s lives. As such, a key part of the lesson is the fellowship of the meal at the end of each class. Food is prepared to be shared.

The Marcellina Cooking Academy classes are conducted on a regular ongoing basis, held at Glenunga every last Saturday in the month.


Positions are limited to just 30 spots per month so book early.

For more information and bookings call us on (08) 8338 0077 or (mob) 0414 666 042.


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Nutrition plays a role in every life.

Marcellina is the original Pizzeria established in Adelaide, South Australia in 1967. We use the freshest and highest quality, locally sourced ingredients in all our meals – from pizza to à la carte.

Through the Marcellina Cooking Academy, we share our love of food as we show you how to incorporate fresh, local produce and nutrition into homes and workplaces.

Please join us at Marcellina – at your table or ours – or book in for a Marcellina Cooking Academy birthday party, corporate team building day, holiday program or activity for your school by calling us on (08) 8338 0077 or 0414 666 042.

Buon appetito!


Birthday Parties? Yes please!

Celebrate a birthday with a party hosted by Marcellina Cooking Academy and get elbow-deep in dough to create a work of art with nature’s freshest colours and flavours. It’s the Marcellina way of celebrating happy occasions while encouraging healthy eating. 
  • Marcellina Adelaide icon-ca-groupServes: Minimum 15 guests.
  • Marcellina Adelaide icon-ca-giftServed with: Pizzas, activities, chef’s mini hat and apron, party bags, catering and cleaning up.
  • Marcellina Adelaide icon-ca-timeTime: Approximately 2 hours.
  • Marcellina Adelaide icon-ca-potMethod: Book in for a hosted birthday party with Marcellina Cooking Academy; the invitations, activities, party bags, catering and cleaning up are all done for you and we promise to return all guests filled with Adelaide’s freshest food. Dietary needs can be accommodated.

Marcellina Adelaide ca-graphic-group-1


Create a Healthy Team.

When you need to bring your team together for a team day, workshop, or planning day, you can spice up the thinking with a program coordinated by Marcellina Cooking Academy.

Marcellina Adelaide Pizza

  • Marcellina Adelaide icon-ca-groupServes: Minimum 8 participants.
  • Marcellina Adelaide icon-ca-giftOptionally served with: invitations and certificates, a team facilitator, dietician, take-home recipes, catering and cleaning up.
  • Marcellina Adelaide icon-ca-timeTime: Half to full day.
  • icon-ca-potMethod: Engage your team in a fun and interactive session where pizza making is just the beginning. Your team will be introduced to the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and the impact it will have on their work and life. The session will focus on communication and teamwork in an environment where everyone’s cooking skills will be catered for. Performance is rewarded with the best pizzas in town. Dietary needs can be accommodated.


Cooking with Friends: OSHC and Holiday Classes.

Cook up a pizza storm with fresh, local produce at Marcellina Cooking Academy during the school holidays or on a weekend.
  • icon-ca-groupServes: Minimum 20 guests
  • icon-ca-giftServed with: activities, chef’s mini hat and apron, catering and cleaning up.
  • icon-ca-timeTime: Approximately 2 hours.
  • icon-ca-potMethod: Book in your OSHC or classroom group for a pizza class during the school holidays or on a weekend and catch up with old, or make new, friends while learning about nutrition, kitchen safety and selecting fresh produce. Best of all, you get to to make pizzas that are up to 97% fat free; low in salt and offering a minimum of one daily serving of vegetables*. Dietary needs can be accommodated.



Mix it Over Pizza.

There’s more to dough than you know especially when you mix in a group of friends who are out to celebrate something special like a birthday, Christmas or simply friendship.

Adelaide Marcellina Pizza

  • icon-ca-groupServes: Minimum 8 guests.
  • icon-ca-giftOptionally served with: invitations, South Australian wine, bubbles, takehome recipes, as much glamour as you like, catering and cleaning up.
  • icon-ca-timeTime: Approximately 2 hours.
  • icon-ca-potMethod: Contact Marcellina’s Cooking Academy to book a social pizza party and learn the art of pizza-making. We will also show you how to enjoy pizza with fine South Australian produce and wines to complement the evening. Dietary needs can be accommodated.


Did you know?
You can also raise funds for your choice of charity when you book a Corporate Event at Marcellina. Ask us how.


Pricing Schedule

Our approach to events is as fresh as the food we serve.

Contact Marcellina Cooking Academy on (08) 8338 0077, 0414 666 042 or email to discuss your event and what would make it a stand-out success.

Pricing schedule

Birthday Parties:

From $35 per guest, minimum 15 guests

Cooking with Friends:

OSHC and Holiday classes. From $35 per guest, minimum 20 guests

Create a Healthy Team:

Team building and Corporate events. From $50 per participant, minimum 8 participants.

Mix it Over Pizza:

For friends and social groups. From $50 per guest, minimum 8 guests

You can add more goodies to your party. A selection of our finest includes:

  • A take home, heavy cotton apron $25 each
  • Alcohol, responsibly served: priced per person
  • Party decorations: to suit your budget and theme.

Marcellina Cooking Academy is available at the following locations:

Marcellina Glenunga, Marcellina Enfield, Marcellina Adelaide, Marcellina Darlington, Marcellina Aberfoyle Park and Marcellina Semaphore. If you have another venue in mind, please discuss this with us.

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The fine print:

  • We reserve the right to reschedule classes.
  • A cancellation policy and non-refundable deposit applies to each event.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Prices include GST and are current as at 1 September 2014.
*As analysed by Nutrition Professionals Association.